Thingtesting x knō

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Orders placed here will receive a code that is redeemable in the knō app via email once you've checked out. From there, we'll hold your hand through the whole process - we know testing can be a little scary sometimes ( but we're easy 😉).

Download the knō app here!

Curious how it works?

It's fairly simple:

1. You'll order your knō kit redemption code here on our website. 
2. You'll receive an email shortly after with a code that can be redeemed in the knō app (download buttons below & in the email). 

From there the process is simple, just create a profile, complete our simple intake form & then order your kit with the code provided.

We'll ship you your kit so you can prick your finger, pee in a cup, and ship off your samples. Your results will be sent directly to your knō app within a few days so you can easily share them with potential partners, and let potential matches know that you knō by adding the knō icon to your dating profile pics.


The knō app is free to download with in-app purchases necessary in order to experience the full functionality of the app.

User information is stored securely in accordance with all HIPAA regulations to ensure the safety & confidentiality of our users and will never be shared - in any form - with third parties.

The knō app is available for immediate download. knō kits are shipped the same day as they are ordered - depending on time of day - and are shipped via ground. Allow 4-6 days for receipt from date of order.

Questions? Find answers here, or reach out to us directly using the form below.

Sharing your status with knō

The knō app allows simple & secure sharing of your testing status with current & potential partners so you can be confident in your sexual wellness status.

*Legal stuff* Testing alone is not indicative of lack of infection or symptoms.

Receive results from your knō at-home STI test kit directly to your phone

The knō photo editor

Want to let potential partners that you're putting the E in ENM? Open the knō photo editor once you've tested, add a custom badge to your drippiest dating app pic & upload to let everyone know that you're up-to-date on your sexual wellness.