What is knō?

We started knō because - let's face it - sex is a lot of fun & testing isn't. With existing testing options you either have to go to an uncomfortable clinic, book an appointment with your doctor, or (our favorite) test yourself at home.

But then what? You got tested, and you want your partner to know your status - but it's SO awkward.

We don't care HOW you get tested (we obviously prefer you choose us) we do care that - in the age of ENM & hookups - you DO get tested & that you're keeping the conversation about sexual wellness alive & helping to destigmatize testing & STIs.

Who's behind all of this?

We are a small but mighty team consisting of or CEO, CTO & CMO to ensure that the brand & product work as they should and that - well - you know who we are. But we are also our kit partners at Spectrum Solutions, our team of developers & the community that we're currently building.

Our goal is for knō to not just be another brand (though it's a pretty cool one so far amirite?) but a catalyst for conversation and bring people together with sex positivity and health at the forefront of everything we do.

Enjoy the image below of a (surprisingly accurate) AI depiction of what our fearless CEO (who hates Chlamydia - let me tell you) might look like once this whole project is over - which we honestly hope it never is.

Why do this?

While we'd love to virtue signal about eradicating disease - it's honestly not that serious. Most STIs are curable with modern medicine - if not treatable to the point of non-detection - we just want people to have fun. If we happen to wipe Chlamydia off the face of the earth in the process - great. Really, we just want to help those who are dating, hooking up, or otherwise sexually active, avoid any awkwardness or discomfort by getting tested, having conversations, and then releasing endorphins together.