Stop putting off STI testing because other tests are off-putting

knō is a kinder way of testing for STIs - from the comfort of your own home. No more creepy clinics, judgmental doctors, or stingy panels. Keep your PJs on while you pee in a cup - in your own bathroom - and prick your finger to collect a few drops of blood; no appointment necessary.

Why test with knō?


knō created a kinder way to test for STIs by allowing our community to test - at-home - with no appointments necessary!


From our packaging, to our data storage - our focus is on the safety & well-being of our community


Our knō kits go beyond the handful of common STIs that the majority of clinics & kits test for...more on this below


With 17 years of experience, our lab partners are a proven resource in the medical community

Going beyond what's expected

Many tests only screen for the usual suspects - and somehow carry a hefty price tag to do it. We want to go beyond - while being kind to your bank account. Here's what we cover, with one test, for just $169:

Herpes 1
Herpes 2
Mycoplasma Genitalium

What those who knō are saying...

Using protection 😉

Privacy matters - especially yours! Getting a PDF in the mail, or an ill-timed emailed notification can be less than comfy; so we built an app. We won't get too technical, but basically we nerded out on making sure your data - and results - are for your eyes only; unless you want to share them yourself.

Cheryl in the lab processing knō at-home STI test kits

What are you waiting for?

A discount? It's a discount right? Ok, here you go - but only because you're so responsible. Use this for 10% off your first kit: