Exual Education 101

We get it - that person who was once your person was your person for a reason. The cute way they breathed more vape than air, cheated on you & lied about being tested - so hot 🥵. Here are some helpful tips to keep the past in the past and screen potential matches for compatibility that matters!

Screening for mental health

Their home-screen is littered with apps for teletherapy, meditation, breath work - even an astrology app for good measure; their base chakra is wiiiiide open. And while there's potential that their mental health may suffer from sacrificing that desirable home-screen real estate to keep their sexual status handy - the peace of mind of knō-ing will bring more clarity than any TM subscription.

Congrats! You've passed!

Testing & sharing with knō is a great way to not just screen potential partners for their sexual wellness practices - but for so many other things. It's official - there's no more excuses for not testing regularly, sharing status, or having results handy when the time comes.

You did it! Now get out there, get tested & date like an adult.

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