Why People Are Prioritizing Sharing STD Testing Status on Dating Apps with knō

 In the digital age of dating, apps have revolutionized the way that people meet & find potential partners. With the mass adoption of these dating apps, however, competing for swipes has become a new challenge for those looking for love online. Many apps have been prioritizing subscriptions and pay-walls to unlock features that increase (potentially) a users’ potential for matching with others, though with the increase in prominence of sex-positivity in modern dating culture - sharing STD testing status with knō is becoming the unexpected hero for many users’ dating profiles. Results that were once heavily guarded, or otherwise private, are now becoming signals to potential romantic partners that you’re responsible and care for your sexual health.

The Ease of knō-ing

One of the key reasons why people are turning to sharing their STD testing status with knō is the sheer ease of an otherwise difficult process - not to mention the potential benefits for your swiping habits. knō allows users to easily find order a knō kit through the knō app with a few taps on their smartphone screens, collect their sample at home, and access essential information about their STD results right in the knō app. So easy.

Reducing Stigma 

Discussing STDs has always been somewhat taboo - or at the very least incredibly awkward. This has made it challenging for many to broach the topic with potential partners; if they have the conversation at all! However, knō is setting out to help to break down this stigma by fostering open conversations about sexual health by planting the seed before users even match. By having the knō logo on your dating profile photo, potential matches will already know that you’ve tested, and will be more likely to have the conversation - when the time is right. This shift towards transparency and responsibility is crucial to not only reducing the spread of STDs, but focusing on the fun aspects of dating instead of the awkwardness of talking about testing.

Protecting Personal Health 

For many - personal health is becoming more and more of a top priority, especially when engaging in sexual activities with new partners. Getting tested for STDs through knō allows individuals to take control of their sexual health. Regular testing not only safeguards your well-being but also demonstrates a commitment to the health and safety of your potential partners - particularly in a world full of open relationships, throuples & ENM. It's a proactive step toward dating like you mean it!

Encouraging Trust 

Trust is a fundamental aspect of any successful relationship. By openly sharing their STD testing status on dating apps by adding the knō logo to their profiel photos - users build trust and transparency with potential partners. Knowing that both parties have prioritized their sexual health can lead to more meaningful and honest connections; or at least more worry free orgasms.

Safer Dating Practices 

Incorporating STD testing into the dating app by adding the knō logo to your dating app profile pics promotes safer sex practices - simple right? When individuals are aware of their testing status and that of their partners, they can make informed decisions about using protection and engaging in sexual activities. For sure, we’ve all be heard, “I hate condoms.” Or, “I’ve only been with one other person since my last test!” And while this may be true - that doesn’t necessarily mean that a lack of a test is a sure thing - or that everyone is 100% honest about their sexual history. While body counts aren’t necessarily an indicator of sexual wellness, and we’re not out to shame anyone - regardless of how many partners they’ve had - the knowledge that knō provides its users empowers them to protect themselves and their partners from potential risks by making informed decisions and having necessary conversations with their partner (or partners). 

Peace of Mind 

Dating can be an exciting but sometimes nerve-wracking experience. Knowing that you and your potential partner (or partners) are free from STDs can provide peace of mind and allow you to focus on building a deeper (heh) connection without the constant worry of potential health risks; and - of course - keep your genitals fresh.

knō end

As the world of online dating continues to evolve, so do the tools available to promote responsible and safe interactions - and broadcast just what a great match you are to potential partner(s). The increasing trend of sharing testing status with knō on dating apps highlights a positive shift toward more responsible dating practices. By prioritizing your sexual health and openly discussing STD testing, you can enjoy the benefits of modern dating apps while minimizing potential risks. Remember, a healthy dating life starts with a commitment to your own well-being and that of your potential partners. And - as always - if they don’t knō, don’t f*ck them (our lawyers have reminded us to remind you that this statement is NOT meant as medical advice).

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