Cheryl's Chlamydia Encounter

Cheryl was - for all intents and purposes - the type of woman that most people would fantasize about letting ruin their life. Publicly, she was primp & proper, well educated, incredibly well put together, but otherwise a lifelong explorative partner to those who she shared a bed with. This was no issue to Cheryl, as - despite her affinity for public play - she didn't need her cohorts at the lab knowing about her predilection towards the non-vanilla. 

Either way, that was seldom a concern for Cheryl. As safe as she was in the lab, she was equally as safe - if not more so - when she was out playing with her non-work friends.

Cheryl in the lab doing science.

That was, until she met Joffrey. Joffrey was her unicorn - not that kind - in that they checked nearly every box, and were physically the closest thing that Cheryl had ever met to "perfection".

Cheryl met Joffrey at one of her monthly fetish meet-ups for the local kink-enthused - which was far more tame than one might imagine and was a running joke between both attendees and the proprietors of the venue where it was held. These meetings were - for all intents and purposes - as explicit as a monthly book club at your local retirement community. Often, they were used as an excuse for those in attendance to have a standing meeting that they could depend on to force members out of their schedules and gather socially - if just for a few hours a month. 
The crew at the meetup

Of course, there were the occasions where two members would give eyes to each other, or otherwise signal that there was intrigue - but those were activities for off-campus and the details & planning never took place at the meetings themselves - Cheryl & Joffrey broke this precedent & Cheryl's long-standing boundaries for stringent testing & verification before granting entry into her being.

The days that followed Cheryl's meeting Joffrey, she was elated to the point of considering monogamy - despite their both being ENM by nature & discussing this at length while catching their breath. That was, until something happened.

Cheryl found herself frantically Googling STI symptoms - both bewildered at her lapse in judgement & how non-descript some of the symptoms she found were. 

"How is anyone supposed to self diagnose with THESE benchmarks to measure against!?" 

Irregular discharge? She had noticed that she was particularly viscous in the days since her encounter with Joffrey, but she was also particularly into Joffrey - -couldn't the two be correlated? She was spotting & cramping, but it was also an appropriate time in her cycle for those sorts of things - inconclusive. Sore throat? Surprisingly, nope. Eye infection? Thank Goddess, no.

Whatever. Off to the GYNO! 

Yadda, yadda, yadda - chlamydia (also, not pregnant...not that that was a concern).

Bright side? Cheryl caught it early, had been very caught up in Joffrey - so didn't transmit to anyone else - and it was just chlamydia; super treatable. 

Cheryl, being the pro-active scientist that she is, immediately dove into her kink account (once home from the gyno) to find simpler solutions for verifying test results - this could NOT happen again.

While clicking through pages of discussions, she found a thread discussing a person who had an affinity for...bodily fluids...and who had recently discovered knō and was obsessed. Not just because they were able to easily & confidentially test at-home, but because it removed SO much of the mood-killing awkwardness of sharing results. Open an app, flash a screen, and then flash your partner. 

Suffice it to say, Cheryl was hooked & would be breaking the rules at the next meeting - once again - by telling everyone about her new discovery.

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