At-home screening for what matters most

We get it - that person who was once your person was your person for a reason. The cute way they breathed more vape than air, cheated on you & lied about being tested - so hot 🥵. Learn how knō can help you better filter your matches by testing for what really matters.

Screening for emotional maturity

Sure, favorite colors are important, but when the banter is right and things are turning up - seeing how they respond to a playful inquiry about their screening habits can reveal a lot about a person. Do they change the subject? Become cagey? Ghost? 🚩 Next!

Screening for physical wellness

They pay $500 a month for a gym membership. Another $200 for infrared saunas. $400 a month for IV hydration bars. $500 for tantric massage. All of which are all well documented in their bio. Surely they can spare another $169 to keep their sexual wellness up-to-date.

Screening for mental health

Their home-screen is littered with apps for teletherapy, meditation, breath work - even an astrology app for good measure; their base chakra is wiiiiide open. But can any of those bring the peace of mind that knō-ing can to the equation?

Screening for sexual compatibility

Sexual compatibility isn't something most folx want to discuss on a first date - or even a 12th . If they balk at questions about their body count, testing status, or intentions - it might be worth balking at their whole being.

Congrats! You've passed!

Testing with knō is a great way to screen potential partners for so many other things. No more excuses for not testing regularly, sharing status, or having results handy when the time comes.

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